Bryan Gallinger is a serial entrepreneur who has either personally developed, partnered with and/or worked on over 100 companies/projects since 1994. He was awarded the nickname “Business Yoda” in 2015 by a collective group of business partners and colleagues after continual success in helping a wide variety of entrepreneurs, artists, nonprofits and individuals in accomplishing their goals and in problem solving.

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Phone: + 1 (408) 457-0741

He is currently the founder and CEO of G.O.A.T. Consulting Group — a boutique consulting agency that provides marketing, business development and multimedia production services with a combined 40+ years experience across all areas. G.O.A.T. stands for Greatest Of All Time and their mission is to help brands that have a positive social impact to reach their potential. G.O.A.T. is selective in choosing clients and focuses on brand who have extraordinary skills, integrity, a strong work ethic and character-based values. G.O.A.T.’s team has produced work for LucasFilm, Discovery Channel, The Kardashians (E!), Pixar, A&E, Discovery Channel, PBS and Apple, among many others.

Bryan is 100% passionate about everything that he does, therefore, he is known as “The Dream Promoter”. He was given this nickname after many years of helping others pursue their dreams as a consultant, public speaker and coach.

As a Producer, Bryan has produced a long list of different projects surrounding entertainment with TV, Film, Music, and Events. As a volunteer, Bryan is the International Marketing Director for the nonprofit Called To Rescue that rescues children who are missing, abused or have been sex trafficked. 

Bryan has done business in Asia, Europe, throughout the US and some of Canada. He firmly believes in the powerful art of collaboration and lives by the philosophy that iron sharpens iron. Bryan’s personal mission is to inspire, empower, positively impact and elevate others throughout his journey of learning, experiencing and even failing.