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World Summit Consulting Philosophy


Great ideas need to find their anchor in the business world to create value. This is the hardest to accomplish. Alpha-Consult brings cross-cultural insights and experiences to create the vision(s) for the strategy.  Once the vision becomes clear it will take passion to drive a company to success. This is regardless of the size of the company:

Division of a larger corporation.

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Once you have a product, how is it best brought into the market (direct/indirect sales), messaging, competition, and what effective strategies are being deployed to gain market share

M&A Advisors


Pre- and Post M&A require skill sets that determine the value of an acquisition and how to keep the value alive.  Too often will the acquired company’s value ignored and squashed by the acquirer.



Who is your competition, how is the problem solved today? Two of the most vital details that will come out of the analysis. We hear often “we have no competition”, but this is never true.

Product Marketing

Product Marketing

Products that deliver to customer needs have the best change of high market acceptance.  But what feature to deliver, and in which development sequence will be answered in product marketing.


Sales Management

Sales is not an art-form but a precise exercise.  Personal interaction is an art form.  How can you be good at both to deliver stellar sales.


Startup Training

How to turn an idea into a product and learn how to pitch it so that it can catch investors interest.


Fractional C-Suite

Any service you need for as long as you need it.  You are a brilliant product designer but now think you need to lead the company?  Or how about the market analysis, sales, financial…..  So many things to do and not enough time, but also many things should not be your obligation.  ALPHA CONSULT’s fractional C-Suite makes us available as your leadership team


Fractional CEO, CMO, CSO, CFO

Instead of one-time engagement have a top-notch C-suite marketing professional on your team, just not full-time.  This allows you to get some of the best team member without paying the fully loaded prices.  There is no better way than to build your team with fractional executives.  Also CFOs are needed, just not full-time in the early days.


Fractional CTO/VP Engineering

Often you are the business founder but need technical leadership to discuss feasibility of the ideas and then require implementation and leadership for the implementation phase.  Funds are limited and hiring full-time are not always the smartest option.  Our fractional CTO and VP of Engineering services are designed to give you the opportunity to reach the next stage of your company.


OnDemand Engineering

Having leadership in your company is one thing but hiring an entire team of engineers is another.  Finances are tight and the wrong team may cost you the company.  Our highly experiences engineering team will deliver the quality products you need.  But even more so we can manage network and security services for you.


Due Diligence

This service is either for angle investors that should have to rely just on their own instincts, but should take advantage of an experienced team, which has provided due diligence many times before.  We offer a two-step approach, “mini” Due Diligence and when this doesn’t turn up any red flags, to go to the “deep” Due Diligence.  Keep in mind the cost of deal-making will come out of the funds if a positive investment decision is made, and if not, you most likely saved several 100 thousand dollars that would have been lost otherwise.


Digital Marketing

We offer Branding and Marketing Solutions that are tailored to your business. Our team prioritizes discovering and understanding the most important aspects and needs of our clients’ brands to best create the proper solutions for them to achieve success. Your success fuels our passion.  Our services include Brand Identity, Photo & Video, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Workflow, and of course Ongoing Support.

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